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Cosplay Contest Rule​

While we make every effort to have the complete and final rules published, we may need to make adjustments or modifications to the rules at any time to improve the clarity of the rules or the operation of the cosplay events.

Main Cosplay Contest Categories

Main Cosplay contest has two categories: Craftsmanship & Morph. Entries can only compete in 1 category  "There will be one winner chosen  in each category  There may also be honorable mentions or "shout outs", however they will not receive any official award or prize.

Craftsman/Best in show- Entries are judged on both the overall appearance of their cosplay, and the quality of the construction of the costume. Purchased costumes may not compete in this category, but outfits do not need to be worn by the creator. Contestants are encouraged to bring reference pictures and in-progress photographs to show the judges during the prejudging before the on-stage presentation. 

If an outfit includes a combination of created and purchased items, any purchased pieces must be disclosed to the judges on your entry form. Judges will determine your eligibility, which generally requires that at least 50% of your costume has been created or altered in a significant enough of a manner. Judges have the exclusive ability to determine a costumes eligibility in the workmanship contest.

Morph- Entries are being judged on their acting, memorization, representation, and presence. In short, how well they can act like a certain character, or how well they perform a skit, how well they present themselves in their cosplay, etc. Purchased costumes may compete in this category. Groups or individuals that are doing performances for the Performance category may request to be judged on Workmanship as well, but no one can go on stage a second time to be judged separately for Workmanship.​

Main Cosplay Contest Rules

Be careful  Running-tackle-hugs might not be very safe.

All Cosplay participants must be paid attendees of the convention

Staff members are not eligible to win in any category, though they can earn honorable mentions / "shout outs".

Presentations have a required minimum of 30 seconds in any competing category. That way, the judges have enough time to actually do their job and see/judge your cosplay or performance.

Presentations may not exceed 2 minutes, in duration, unless you have received permission by our department head. Plan ahead. If your skit is affecting the flow of the program, or is running excessively long, we reserve the right to interrupt and end your performance. If your skit is so interrupted, it will not disqualify you from winning any of the awards, unless you refuse to leave the stage.

NO blatant nudity/adult related content. This event is rated PG-13, and we are a family-friendly convention. Please use some discretion with your character, props and presentation. Also, please keep bad language to an extreme minimum level.

The following may not be worn for competition in any workmanship division: purchased costumes or rented costumes. These may be entered on stage in the Morph Category /Performance Category but will not be eligible for workmanship awards.

Youth participants (ages 13 and under) can be accompanied by a parent/guardian (they must have a con badge).

Your entry must be finished before you get to the contest room. No sewing, gluing, spray painting, welding, or other construction work is allowed backstage. However, final assembly of large pieces and/or props and unexpected repairs will be allowed.

Participants will be required to sign a liability release and a release for use of video and photo images.

For safety reasons, the following are not allowed:


Live animals

Substances which might damage or soil

Aerosol sprays

Projectiles of any kind.

No pyrotechnics will be allowed including but not limited to: fire, flash powder, explosives, smoke bombs or fireworks.

Entries that could potentially damage the hotel facilities, other participants or the wearer will not be allowed.

Illegal weapons of any kind are not allowed.

Prop weapons used as part of the costume are allowed with restrictions. You are expected to act responsibly with your weapon. If you decide to carry a weapon, by attending you accept any legal and financial responsibility for damage your weapon may cause to persons or property.

Entries with electric power requirements need to be self-contained. There will be no access to electrical outlets on stage.

Surprise the audience, not the Cosplay staff. If you are planning something completely different, let us know well in advance. All information will be held in the strictest confidence. Also let us know well before the contest starts if there are any last minute changes to your performance!

Smoking is not allowed in the hotel. Contestants who leave the building for a smoke break may lose their turn to appear on stage.

All contestants must be able to move their costume on their own. So please no 80 lb wings or giant mechs unless you can walk  in it.

People can only enter as part of one costume our group. If a person has made multiple costumes, they must be entered as a group, otherwise you must select only one to compete in the Workmanship contest.

If your costume is made almost entirely by someone else, they must be present to win in workmanship and the prize will go to them.

It's okay for entrants in the inexperienced category to have help from a relative/friend, but they should have made most of the costume themselves. The helper does not need to be present, but the contestant must be honest with judges about the extent of the involvement anyone else had in the construction of their costume.

Audience are not allowed to run up to the stage area for any reason.

Audience members should be courteous and respectful. Please do not boo or shout negative things to contestants. 

The cosplay director has the right to change your division to a higher division to create a fair competition. Consider this an honor.

The Cosplay Director has the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience, building or yourself, violation of any of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient.



 Cosplay Weapons will be inspected at the show

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